NO Stress with: Indjstione, Phunk B & Nerub / 17 Decembrie 2016 @ Cypher – Cluj Napoca


Indjstione is a 35 years old producer/dj from Romania and a member of Sucleeu & GenMaica Soundsystem.While he doesn’t feel his abilities stand out in an age where anybody with a laptop can create music he does his very best to hone his craft. He was only a music listener until the age of 22, when he started writing some rhymes to instrumentals. He continued experimenting in the musical field which lead him to buy a set of turntables and mixer. For unknown reasons, people enjoyed the skills he had picked up on the Technics so he kept practicing. The rigorous practice had paid off and he now finds himself playing at some of Romania’s great parties for Indie Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jungle and Dub music.

Warm Up: Alex Bühu
Host: Phunk B
Guest: Nerub

sursa: facebook

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