Nico Royale & DJ Mark-One aka B.Dub (IT) / 13 Ianuarie 2017 @ Manufactura Handmade Cafe – Timisoara


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Nico Royale (born March 7, 1983) is an inspired and talented reggae voice from Italy. Born and raised in a little town in the country, his musical skills came to light when he was little and he used to sing in the church chorus, but the entrance in the dancehall buisness was at the age of 16 with the italian sound system Casalypso.

His first recordings date back in the early years of the 2000 in the Forward the Bass studio, based in the city of Bologna, Italy. From that time he recorded a number of hits and singles for many labels in Italy, Europe and America.

In 2005 he left his home for center America where he lived for a year touring Mexico, Panama, Cuba and Jamaica. Each and every town of the countries he reached had been a chance to collaborate with resident sound systems or artists, inspiring Nico with a million of styles and influences.

While abdroad he produced his own first demo cd in 2006.

Thanks to his melodic but at the same time explosive voice he had the opportunity to perform in some of the most important european festivals longside big artists such as Jah Cure, Lone Ranger, Million Style, Collie Buddz, Alborosie.

In June, 2009 he produced his first official album called “Singa” with 14 tracks in italian that contain lyrics about natural life style, respect for the roots and for the poor people, love, freedom and positiveness towards life.

At the same time he started to work on tunes in english and patwa in order to reach a worldwide audience. In 2009 he recorded “Talking To You” on the Rudie riddim by the german based label and sound Supersonic; in 2009 “Forever” on the Respect riddim for Das Vibes (Jamaica/Germany). In 2011 “Real Love” for the label “Nite Lite”. In 2013 “One Life” for Shastri Music (Jamaica/USA) And the recent “Sing With My Heart” with the Revolutionary Brothers, a dub duo of producers from the Basque Country and “Back Again” featuring Mark-one for Dreadsquad label from Poland.

From that period he started an intense live activity weather with the band or in showcase with B.Dub which bring him to some of the major venues and festivals in Europe. In 2010 he toured Mexico longside with Mark-one, italian reggae pioneer from the ’80, and the mexican collectiv Bungalo Dub.

In March 2014 he produced “Illegale” for Rap Pirata, label of the italian rapper Inoki Ness. The album had a lot of rap and dancehall influences and had a very good favour in the underground scene.

In 2015 he signed to Trumen Records, a black music label from Turin, Italy.
He released his third album, “Ghetto Stradivari” in May 2016, reaching number 2 in the Itunes reggae album chart. This album goes back to the roots sound of Studio One label.

His live experience made him have 3 different shows: with the band, the most complete way to enjoy Nico Royale sounds, with his dj, and with an acustic trio.

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